About Us

RD Foods Americas Inc., part of the RD Group of companies, is a privately held, diversified company committed to providing quality products and service, guided by the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

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We are manufacturers of canned seafood products and operate our fleet of fishing vessels, supplying fish from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Our global reaches further positions us to offer quality seafood from other regions, allowing our customers a variety of product placement.

In addition to seafood products, we are canned food manufacturers and produce high-volume commodity items like canned fruits and vegetables for retail, food service, and industrial trade. Our direct source ability with a select group of companies in each segment is a partnership and our commitment to offering the best quality products to customers.

We offer quality food solutions for tuna from the Far East, Mushrooms from Holland to Olives from Spain.

Dolly Tuna Food Served On Plates